Friday, May 28, 2010

Took a little break- now back for the final push!

I am so thankful for the seven days I got off last week :) This week, I'm starting up for a final five-week smack down of summer classes- woo hoo! A little over a month (July 4th) and I'll be on a plane to Gabon! I'm getting really excited now and have some great news: Tempe Camera- has donated a Polaroid camera and $50 worth of film for me to take to Africa!!!

You may be asking yourself- "why ever would she want a Polaroid?"

The reason is that I would like to be able to make picture books (communication books) for non-verbal individuals in Gabon. The people I would use them with may include some kids with disabilities (some Autistic kids are characterized by their lack of verbal language), and maybe even adults who have had strokes and now struggle to communicate verbally. The reason for the Polaroid specifically (which I had a tough time finding, by the way), was that the pictures are instantaneous! No need for a computer or a printer- perfect!

So here's my trial picture- the guy in the store had to help me learn how to use it (it's super old and fully manual- I need to set the aperture, speed and manually focus it).

Not bad!

I'm really thankful for Tempe Camera's generous donation and even more so, to the Lord Himself for providing me with these materials :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finishing up the Semester

I'll take the time to tell you all that I am a mere 24 hrs away from completing my first year of my program! One more exam to go tomorrow afternoon- yesssss! Sadly, I do have to go to school in the summer until July 2nd, but two days later (July 4th, 6am), I'll be on a plane headed to Gabon!

Here's the itinerary:
Phoenix- Chicago
Chicago- Frankfurt
Frankfurt- Ghana
Ghana- GABON!

It'll be a long haul- I won't get in Libreville until July 5th at 6pm. Sadly my earphones got run over by a car while I was on my bike a few months ago, so I'll have to consider possibly getting some new ones for the sake of my sanity...

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed either with prayer or with finances (or both!) for this mission! I have been truly humbled by the generous outpouring of all the support I've received :)