Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finishing up the Semester

I'll take the time to tell you all that I am a mere 24 hrs away from completing my first year of my program! One more exam to go tomorrow afternoon- yesssss! Sadly, I do have to go to school in the summer until July 2nd, but two days later (July 4th, 6am), I'll be on a plane headed to Gabon!

Here's the itinerary:
Phoenix- Chicago
Chicago- Frankfurt
Frankfurt- Ghana
Ghana- GABON!

It'll be a long haul- I won't get in Libreville until July 5th at 6pm. Sadly my earphones got run over by a car while I was on my bike a few months ago, so I'll have to consider possibly getting some new ones for the sake of my sanity...

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed either with prayer or with finances (or both!) for this mission! I have been truly humbled by the generous outpouring of all the support I've received :)

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