Monday, April 26, 2010

Wanna fly somewhere? Email this guy

I bought my ticket to Libreville last week! :) I leave at 6am July 4th, and get into Libreville on the 5th at 6pm. There are at least 4 stops going one way, so I really hope my bag makes it through... and that I can sleep a little bit.

Note to travelers who read this: I really learned how to talk down the price of my ticket by basically contacting 7-10 different travel agents I found online (google search, take the top ten hits) and then when one of them would quote me with something low, I would email the rest and ask them if they can go lower. I should also point out that I spent a lot of time on websites like, pretty much ALL of the "do it yourself" ones, but they were consistently more expensive.

By far, there was only one guy who could get me there for at least $500 below what nearly everyone else was quoting me. His name is Brad la Nasa, and he's in Minneapolis with Pangaea Travel. He didn't charge me a service fee, and he also got me aisle seats! I highly recommend emailing this guy if you're going to travel- even nationally. Here's his email:

Finally, I was kind of disappointed by the 4-5 missionary-centered travel agents I contacted- they were not really that great at finding low prices, and then when I would tell them about how another agent found a lower price, they just kind of gave up. I think that there could be a little more resourcefulness/training/I don't know what to call it because I'm not a travel agent, on their part in trying to compete with what else is out there; just a thought...


  1. When I went to Greece with my family a few summers ago, my dad wanted to use his frequent flyer miles from work to get us there and back. Unfortunately, all the miles seats on the direct flights had long since been sold, so we ended up flying from San Francisco to Denver to Washington DC to Toronto to London to Vienna to Athens. Not a single bag was lost coming either is possible!

  2. So savvy! By the way, Allyson, the Pangaea Travel icon and the Fundraiser Thermometer are great aesthetic touches to your blogspot.